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I have always been inspired by Ghandi. When I saw this stamp I was inspired by the serenity, strength and amazing range of colors. I knew immediately that this stamp was for Gigi Matthews, my yoga teacher and friend.

Technique:  A large tea bag was rust dyed and glued onto a stretched canvas. A weaving snippet with Gigi's hand spun yarn included was glued to the tea bag. The stamp was then glued to the weaving snippet. Loctite glue was used.

Size: 6 x 6"

June 2021

Marrianne copy.jpg


My friend Gail loves everything French. When I saw Marianne,, I knew she had found a home. I loved the range of blues and the elegance of the stamp.

Technique:  I handmade the beige and blue paper. A weaving snippet was chosen and glued to the paper and the stamp glued to the snippet.

Size: 4 x 6"

June 2021


Amelia Earhart

I asked my friend Rachel to choose a person she admired so I could design a stamp piece for her. She chose Amelia Earhart. I went in search of a stamp and the USPS had an  8cent airmail stamp. I found the stamp rather bland and wanted to highlight Amelia's strong and adventuresome spirit.

Technique:  I rust and tea dyed hanji paper and painted it with Bengala mud dyes. My goal was to include bold colors. I went through my collection of weaving snippets and found this snippet which matched my bold theme. The stamp was then placed on top of the snippet. All layers were glued. 

Size: 6 x 6" frame

July 2021

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